Tours in the Sarek National Park are more difficult than tours on Kungsleden or Padjelantaleden, because there are no marked trails and no cabins for hikers. A short, but important description is given in my little introduction. Interesting advices are given in the text provided by the Swedish Nature Conservation Board "Sarek - Myth and Reality". These pages will answer some frequently asked questions concerning the Sarek National Park.

General Informations

Sarek - Myth and Reality.

Tour Reports

Backpacking tour: Sarek I: Ruotesvagge ( Kisuris - Smaila bridge)
More details on: Skarja (Smaila bridge)
Backpacking tour: Sarek II: Pastavagge (Smaila bridge - Rinim)
Day hike: Vaikantjåkkå, a look into the Rapa valley

Other Informations

Tjåmotis - Aktse, a shortcut to Aktse
Timetable of the boat in Aktse (1999)