Comments: I made the landscape for this picture as a heightfield with my own FORTRAN landscape generator. The landscape generator writes a second file with the position of the bushes. The bushes are spheres with a texture. The lake is also a heightfield. Two different media statements are used in the POV-Ray source for the composition of the waterfall.

The waterfall has a blue background. The falling water is made of 44 spheres of random size stretched to the height of the fall. There are two types of media statements that fill the interior of these spheres, or better to say, very long column-like ellipsoids, one is a "cylindral" media in 36 of the spheres and the other is a repeating "gradient z" statement in 8 of these spheres. The same media statements are used for the spray at the bottom of the fall.

If you are interested in the bushes or the helicopter, you find a demo source for bushes and an .inc-file for the helicopter on my Island Tour page. If you are interested in the waterfall, you can download bluefall.pov and, please see below. In the source bluefall.pov, the waterfall is identical to the one in the picture above, but for reasons of webspace without the landscape and the bushes. Bluefall.pov should render a picture like this:

and, of course, if you have any comments, I would be happy to get a mail from you.