Copyright Statement:

POV-Ray is a raytracing program and copyrighted freeware. You can read the license and download the program from

We provide our pictures without any commercial intentions. You can download anything for your private non-commercial purposes. You can use it as it is, change it if you like, include something in your own pictures, show something on your homepage. We would appreciate if you would mention what you have used. However, don't include our files or pictures into private or commercial collections without permission.

We will be happy if you send us a mail when you enjoyed something that you have downloaded, if you made improvements, tell us about something that might be interesting for us, or inform us about something that does not work or is missing. You find the mail address on the main page.

There are some files that I have collected from other servers, for instance NASA's, or from the Usenet and related ftp-servers, for instance from the former avalon ftp-server. As far as I could check the copyright, all these files can be regarded as freeware for non-commercial purposes.