The Bad Orb - Waechtersbach Private Railroad (II - until 1997)


In 1958 I changed to high school in Gelnhausen and now I had to go by train every day. It was in the same year when one of the railbuses caught fire by a technical defect and was destroyed. The passengers were transported in buses, when the railroad was not in function. In the year 1959 Bad Orb had its 900 years - anniversary, and a new train was inaugurated, consisting of a small diesel locomotive with two cars. This train was in operation until the line was closed in the spring of 1997. I took the pictures below in the mid-eighties.

The train is ready for departure in Bad Orb station.

The time for departure has come, and the train leaves the station, passing the small depot.

The trip continues along the peaceful Orb valley.

On a steel bridge the Kinzig river is crossed, before the train reaches Waechtersbach.

The ramp is not far from the tracks of the Federal Railroad.

Very frequently the line was in danger to be closed down, and it eventually happened in the spring of 1997.