Kyoto, Japan (1994, 1995)

A visit to Kyoto is the easiest way for a western tourist to experience both historic and modern Japan. And Kyoto is a nice place for the railfan. Kyoto has an observation tower near the railroad station, from which you can overlook the whole station area. The views and the traffic density remind of a model railroad, you can observe more than a dozen Shinkansen trains per hour.

At the left side, a Hikari approaches from Shin-Osaka and ascends on the ramp to the station. In the middle a Nozomi is on the ramp. The right picture shows a Kodama coming from Tokio

Kyoto Station is a modern building and it is easy to find one's way. There is an information center where friendly volunteers might help you if you have any problems. School children return home with a Kodama in the middle picture. We are waiting at the platform, while a Hikari enters at the right picture.


The picture in the lower left is also from 1995. The tracks of the local and regional lines can be seen in the foreground and the elevated Shinkansen tracks are in the background. Partly obscured by a girder of the observation tower in the right is the five-storey Main Post Office building.

In the picture at the right side from 1998 from almost the same viewpoint you can still see the Post Office. But the scene is dominated by a new station building. The tracks are hidden now. I have pictures from inside the building on a spearate page: Kyoto Station (1998)