Sushis in the Yakitori bar


It is very common in Japan to go to a restaurant after work hours for awhile. We always liked these little restaurants which a tourist perhaps would normally not find.


On a stay in Kyoto, Carola-san visited a yakitori bar together with Sugimoto-san and Ohta-san. As I mentioned, restaurants in Japan are specialized to a great extent. But -- exceptions can occur.


A yakitori-ya usually serves skewered, grilled chicken. Kiyoshi-san (at the right), was very happy about his guests. He told them that he normally worked in a Sushi bar.


After awhile, Kiyoshi-san went back to his sushi bar and brought all ingredients that he needed to prepare sushi. He created all kinds of sushis and let his guests try them.


The sushi were delicious and the guests enjoyed this evening very much. Carola-san, of course, promised to come back to this bar on her next visit to Japan.

Carola-san made these pictures with her 1:1.4/50 mm lens and an ordinary 100 ASA slide film.