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 West Maui

Ka'anapali Beach
Sugar Cane Train
Kapalua Airport

Honolau Bay

 West Maui

 (Iao Needle)


Haleakala N.Park
Haleakala Highway

Haleakala NP Trails
Sliding Sands Trail

East Maui, Northern Coast

Hookipa Beach

 East Maui,
Hana Region

Hana Highway (in German)
Hasegawa Gen.Store

Oheo Gulch
C.Lindbergh's Grave

Waikamoi Ridge Trail
Waimoku Falls Trail

East Maui,
Perouse Bay

 (Road 31)

 (King's Highway)

Maui has big lava fields, and the latest volcano eruption dates back just 200 years. But it also has large green and fertile areas. On our second trip to Hawaii in November 1998, we spent most of the time on Maui. I am currently writing some pages about our tours (January 98). The pages on Maui will be more detailed simply because we spent more time there. We hope to get back to Kaua'i some day and perhaps to Big Island...