Twenty-five years have already passed, since I bought the LP record "25 years together" by Peter, Paul and Mary with their song:

Puff, the magic dragon
lived by the sea
he frolicked in the autum mist
in a land called Hanalei.


Hanalei was surely a good choice for Puff, as the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge should enable him to spend quiet days in this beautiful landscape.

On our helicopter tour we had about the same views as Puff, when he frolicked in the autumn mist. It must have been a real pleasure for him, as it was for us.

If Puff was still there in 1995, then he probably had an unpleasant interruption of his peaceful life, when some aggressive Velociraptors escaped from "Jurassic Park" on Kaua'i. Do you remember when the actors of "Jurassic Park" fly to the secret island in the beginning of the movie ? The Mana Waipuna Falls were the location for this scene. They seem to be unaccessible to hikers, although I clearly recognize a street in the picture.The park itself was built up on Kaua'i. Fortunately, there is no danger any more for hikers in the area.

Another famous person that that visited Kaua'i was a man whose jacket and hat are now in the Smithsonian Museum. Do you remember when Indy grabbed hold of a seaplane and escaped from the angry natives in the last moment? Kaua'i was the jungle where he met Mr. Belloq. I don't know the exact location, but I think there are not many rivers in question. During our stay in 1997, Harrison Ford was back on Kaua'i for the movie "Six days, seven nights", and the office of one of the production units was just next to Carola's workshop. Parts of the movie were made at the Na Pali coast.

Do you remember the remake of "King Kong" from the year 1976 ? I heard that the Hanapepe Valley and its beach at the Na Pali Coast were the location for some of the scenes. It probably could serve as location for any fantasy movie.

"Honeymoon in Las Vegas" (1992) with Nicholas Cage and James Caan starts in Las Vegas, but about half of the movie was set in Kaua'i. There are scenes with Hotels, the coast, the airport, and a volcano eruption on Big Island.

A list of movies that were made on Kaua'i and many other informations can be found on the Movie Tours website.