We spent six days in a hotel near Lihue, where Carola attended a workshop for three days. During the remaining days we did sightseeing along road 550 and the Pihea Trail (about one day), hiked the Awa'awapuhi Trail (half a day, spent the rest on the beach) and part of the Kalalau Trail (one day). A one-hour helicopter tour on one of the afternoons was worth the money. If you have as little time as we had, I would recommend to do exactly what we did. If you have more time, then an additional hike into the Alaka'i Swamps, in the Waimea Canyon or a longer hike on the Kalalau trail would be worth the effort. Please inform yourself about the necessary permits for hiking and camping, I've tried to give some informations on my pages.


Overview Map

The Awa'awapuhi Trail, Na Pali Coast (1997)
The Kalalau Trail, Na Pali Coast (1997)


Along Road 550 and the Pihea Trail (1997)


Puff the Magic Dragon and Other Fairy Tales